Free Lace Bookmarks

There are a lot of ways a person can donate money to help others but there is a lot of talented craftsman/women who enjoy creating items and want to use these talents for doing good and helping others.

These bookmarks below I created with my embroidery machine using free lace. With Free lace you use stabilizer that dissolves in water. You purchase a design specifically called free lace patterns (the stitching overlaps) and embroider on the stabilizer using no fabric. Then when you complete your creation, place it in warm water and the stabilizer disappears. When it dries it is almost like you starched it. Beautiful!

I added the ribbon with a flower on the end to finish the bookmarks. We mailed them to our members who can no longer attend church for whatever reason for Valentines Day. I am told the dove was most liked because it was unusual.

You can do something similar for any reason for someone to show your love. Happy dreaming and creating!


Knitted Knockers

Calling all who knit or crochet! Share your talent to this worthy cause. I am so happy to share this beautiful expression of love. “Knitted knockers” are an alternative for breast cancer survivors who have had mastectomies or lumpectomies with radiation.  Knitted knockers are a  soft, comfortable, light alternative to traditional breast prosthesis. They can be worn with most regular bras and can be worn shortly after surgery.   They are made by volunteers, and are adjustable for those going through reconstruction.  Our purpose is to connect volunteer knitters with breast cancer survivors to offer FREE knitted knockers.  http://www.knittedknockers.org/ to request a pair of knitted knockers or learn how to help provide them.

On the website you can request a knocker in the size and color that you want. They can be used right after a mastectomy and used as an alternative to a prosthesis. It is light, soft and you can have them created in the size you need. These are light as air and an opportunity to look and feel real.

Their website offers patterns to knit or crochet knockers. They connect the creator of the knocker to the person in need to make a knocker that the person will like and wear with confidence. Their video is quite inspiring. There is a huge demand for these and with your help all requests can be filled.

Check out their website and Facebook page! You will be amazed and inspired!


Are you afraid?


Are you afraid? Afraid that we are flling short of the goal? Afraid that in the final end that you will be judged on your life and what you did for God? Afraid that like Jonah that you had a task you did not fullfill? I am, how about you?

God loved Isreal and all its people but eventually they turned from God and did depravity and sin in his eyes. They would not listen and they were ultimately given over to their ungodly enemies. Why? Why would he do that to his people? To turn their hearts back to God. I heard a speaker the other day talk that he would forsee that the United States will eventually fall to this fate. Why? Because we also have lost site of God.

The United States was founded on Godly priciples and used God as a guiding light. Churches were one of the first building created in a town and people reverenced Sunday’s to be a day of rest and a time to worship God. Even in the books of Little House on the Prairie there was told that all the meals and chores were done ahead of time and so on Sunday they could read the bible and be silent. The boys had gotten a new sled for some reason and wanted to try it out so bad. They snuck out of the house and took the sled up the hill. It was great! But as they reached the bottom of the hill, there dad was standing watching them. They were marched into the house but even a trip to the woodshed for their punishment would need to wait until the next day. How aweful that must have been waiting for their intended fate.

Sundays were eventually made like a family day. Worship together at church and then an a church picnic. My father in law spoke of times when the parents would go visiting and the children would gather at a home and play together. Stores were closed, no one went to work, so there was really nothing more that occupied their time. The Sunday drive was popular to just relax and see God’s wonder.

Then it all seemed to change. I was born in 1964 and so in my lifetime I have seen Sundays robbed of their true meaning and purpose. I am thinking it was sometime in the 70’s when businesses started staying open on Sundays forcing people to work, pulling them from church and God. Events started to be planned to include Sundays or all weekend and another pull was born. The people fought back and asked that Wednesday nights be a “free night” for church confirmation classes but now that has also faded to be almost gone.

I stopped listening to the news about 6 months ago and only pick up a local newspaper or read Google News on occasion. The world is so ugly. People hate just to hate. I do not get it. I am assamed of our country’s people that are rioting or picketing for so many things but fail to love and worship God. Do Black lives matter? Yep along with everyone else. Blocking trafffic for your cause of the day is not going to change anyones mind. Protesting against our President or against guns or whatever you can think of without even looking into what the true facts are about something is not of the Spirit. But people do not listen. They want a quick fix and not the hard work that each person must do in their day to day life to help fix the root cause. They do not want to ask God for direction just in case He has a different plan.

Pray for our country and its people. Pray for love, pray for peace, pray for understanding. We need it.



God, help us to love others even when we do not agree. Help us to forgive others when they hurt us. Help us to live in harmony with others. Lord forgive us for our sinly thoughts. We love you. I love you.