About Church Chat

My name is Doreen and I have been a lay speaker at church for about 10 years. Don’t let that scare  you, I am far from an expert of the bible and my desire has always been to share the message of God with a fresh approach.

About 3 years ago, a friend and I did a Wednesday night service at church for about 9 months. It was different from our Sunday service, very casual and more contemporary. Through that experience I discovered that preparing for a service once a week takes a lot of time (made me have a new appreciation for the pastor) and that even an evening service had its challenges with time, other  activities, and work the next day.

I have wanted to figure out how to do church online in a fresh way to attract people to be closer to God that fits into their busy day. The Church Chat name is to help convey a more casual approach and Take 15 expresses the goal of a spiritual experience in under 15 minutes.

The foundation or mission of Church Chat is  Faith, Renew, Enlighten, Show, and Help (F.R.E.S.H). Our belief is to provide you a place to grow closer to God and to know Christ through different methods that will speak to your individual spiritual journeys. We are all unique and here for a reason.

I hope you will join me on this journey and give ideas to help make this site better for all of us!