Kindness Spreads

Driving to work Susie had already had quite the morning. Her alarm clock did not go off and she woke  up 30 minutes late, no time for a shower but wash up and put her hair in a bun. She had to dress for work as a receptionist and run out the door with NO COFFEE! Traffic was heavy and she was still running late but she knew if she did not have coffee her day would not be good at all.

She drove to the nearest fast food drive through and ordered coffee. The person asked if she wanted cream and sugar, which she replied “yes please” through gritted teeth. When she drove up to the window to pay a smiling face greeted her and said “Good morning! How are you today?” Susie wanted to scream the answer back but instead by instinct said “Good thank you”. A little surprised at her own response her heart started to soften. She pulled to the next window and her coffee was handed to her with another “Good morning! Enjoy your day!”

Susie pulled away feeling a little uplifted as she drove drinking her coffee; she felt a little uplifted but was still running late! Into the parking lot and of course no spot close to the door. She finally parked at the farthest end of the lot, jumped out the door and almost ran toward the door. Another woman who parked close by also looked like she had a long morning. The two woman walked(fast) into work together sharing their morning and started to laugh at themselves. A “hang in there and have a good day” was said as the two departed and Susie looked at the clock. Four minutes late, not bad considering her morning.

She smiled as she clocked in and began her work. Her boss came in and said “crazy morning Susie” with a smile and she knew her day would be better. Her first customer presented to her desk and she politely said “Good morning” with a smile on her face and she meant it.

Your smile and laughter can help uplift another person at any time and it does not cost a thing. You never know what is happening in another persons life and sometimes all they need is a kind smile and a “Good morning”.